Old World Inspiration. New World Innovation.

There was a time when a carpenter would treat every home he built as if it were his own. Special care would be given to everything from the design to the construction. Pride in quality and attention to detail was not just a luxury; it was a necessity. And when it was finished, the house would reflect not only the time and effort put into building it, but the builder as well. The carpenter was not just a laborer, he was an artisan.

Those days seem to have gone. Quality and craftsmanship have taken a back seat to speed and profit. Weaker and cheaper materials are used, and in the end it’s the home owner who suffers. What is needed is an old way of thinking about a modern way of building.

Fox Hardwood Lumber presents Hardwood Homes. Old world inspiration. New world innovation.

Traditional Wood Homes with a European Flair.

A Hardwood Home is more than an inanimate structure for shelter and warmth: It’s a welcoming environment where memories are made. We’ve traveled the European countrysides of Switzerland and France looking at homes hundreds of years old for inspiration. And we looked in our own backyard for modern and contemporary styling.

Wood Isn’t Just a Preference—It’s the Only Choice.

With a Hardwood Home we start with what we know best — the wood. We take our passion for and knowledge of wood to hand-select and hand-cut our very own timber. Making sure that every inch of a Hardwood Home is made from the finest North American hardwoods, including oak, maple, ash, hickory, poplar and cherry. From the framing to the floors, a Hardwood Home is quality. Period. These homes will not only last your lifetime, but for generations to come.

Classic Inspiration. Contemporary Style.

At Hardwood Homes, we want to make sure every home we build will stand the test of time. That’s why we use a special method of construction called “Contemporary Structural Plating” (CSP). CSP is a reflection of our philosophy of blending old and new. Not only does it add a visual flair sometimes lacking in other wood homes, it also gives the home an added layer of support to maintain the structural integrity of the house.

Unlike the traditional mortise-and-tenon method of joining beams, in which a beam is whittled to fit inside another, CSP adds an extra layer of strength at the joint itself by incorporating steel plates and bolts.

Get Started Today.

We work alongside our customers to integrate their ideas with ours to build a home they can point to as their own work of art. From the foundation to the roof, we’re here to guarantee all the materials you use will reflect the care we put into creating a home. Because just like you, our name will be on it. So if you’re looking to build a new home or a vacation place to relax, a Hardwood Home is the place for you.